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    The Way of Mankind – Men’s Group 2015

    Men are often called to rally the sword and take up a cause, to fight the good fight and oversee work, family and community. Historically these roles were well defined and the tools to perform them were obvious. Today these roles have evolved and the boundaries obscured. It is time to create a new path forward, a time to define again, what it means to be a man of peace and power.

    For eons, men have come together in ceremony to share experiences, knowledge and wisdom. These ways have been lost in the recent times, even as our souls yearn for them. Please join me as we search for that which eludes us, yet is ours by right. This group is open to all men looking for personal growth and community.

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Theresa Holleran, LCSW

My childhood landscape was the vast ocean of the Southern California coast. I found solace and comfort in that wildness. I would often swim in the dark cold waters across the bay, or body surf the waves as they came crashing to meet the shore. When I was 8 years old, I began my years of sailing solo or crewing for others in a variety of small and large sailing vessels…

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Marianne Felt, CMHC

Many years ago, while lying in bed after my second back surgery in 9 months, I decided to “use my best china every day”. I was going to totally show up for my life. Appreciating that life is tricky; I believe we have an opportunity to view everything that comes our way with curiosity grounded in kindness for self and others. My personal and professional journey continues…

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Sean Patrick McPeak

Sean Patrick McPeak, LCSW

Angry, Afraid, Hopeless…Stuck. I called these feelings home for most of my life until a therapist reached me. Because he heard me. For the first time in my life I actually felt heard. I found my voice and then I just kept speaking. It was the turning point for me. I realized that my life was worth living… and well. What happened next?

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